Important Tips For Successful Landfill Management

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Landfills are places of trash and garbage disposal where the wastage is buried in between multiple layers of earth. Landfills are built in a way that makes them capable of holding a huge amount of waste including construction waste, manufacturing waste, and agricultural waste, to mention a few. Wastes that come to the landfills come from multiple sources including factories, households, hospitals, and workplaces.

The rise in population is linked to the rise in demand for goods or products, due to which the burden on the landfill in the form of waste burial is also high. Here in this guide, we have mentioned a few issues that are crucial for effective and successful landfill management. Stick with us till the end.

1. Regulatory Compliance

This is the first issue as it is a major concern. For managers, the main issue is environmental regulatory compliance. Nowadays modern landfills are monitored as compared to the past. Besides managing the overall waste it has become important to ensure the safety of the environment as well.

For managers, the most important duty is to pay attention to the management of the site’s leachate storage to make certain that there are no leaks in the liners of the storage areas. This can be done with groundwater monitoring stations that are used to detect when leachate or other harmful chemicals are leaking into the soil below the retention ponds.

2. Addressing Safety

This is one of the most significant things which must be addressed. The site safety is ensured by the usage of the right equipment like landfill pumps, large machines, and trucks which are constantly streaming in and out of the working face, ensuring that your site personnel are constantly aware of their surroundings is key. Landfill managers need to make certain that all the employees stay safe on the job and return to their families safely. The manager can guarantee this through safety briefings.

There must be weekly safety meetings between the manager and the employees to present the importance of the site’s safety standards. Besides basic safety measures, the site needs to keep a check on the loads that come at the sites. This is necessary to keep an eye on flammable materials which generate gas at decomposition and make the employee face an extremely flammable environment.

Diverting things like appliances, rubber tires, and batteries can help to mitigate some of the dangers.

3. Operational Efficiency

It is another important issue because managers must run their landfills as efficiently and accurately as possible. Making certain that you are meeting your compaction goals as well as staying on grade is mandatory to the success of any landfill. GPS has now become an invaluable tool. Aside from being able to see their compaction effort, a GPS is also used in the management of interim slopes and lifts. Having the GPS gives the managers the ability to set and accurately follow interim grades, allowing them to plan out surface grades and divert clean water directly into retention ponds.