Exploring eHRMS UPSDC: Leave Application, Online Access, and P2 Features

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Introduction to eHRMS UPSDC

eHRMS (Electronic Human Resource Management System) UPSDC is a platform designed to streamline human resource processes for employees working under the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Corporation. It offers various functionalities, including leave application and access to essential employee services.

Understanding eHRMS UPSDC:

  • Purpose: Facilitates employee management, leave applications, and other HR-related tasks.
  • Online Platform: Enables employees to access their profiles and perform HR-related functions.

Accessing eHRMS UPSDC

Website Navigation:

  • URL: Access the eHRMS UPSDC portal via
  • Login Credentials: Use provided employee credentials to log in to the portal.

Exploring the Interface:

  • Dashboard Overview: View employee profile, leave balances, and available services.
  • Navigation Tabs: Access various sections, including leave applications and P2 features.

eHRMS UPSDC Leave Application

Applying for Leave Online:

  1. Leave Section: Locate the ‘Leave Application’ or ‘Apply for Leave’ tab on the dashboard.
  2. Select Leave Type: Choose the type of leave (sick leave, casual leave, earned leave, etc.).
  3. Enter Details: Input leave dates, reason, and any required information.
  4. Submit Application: Review the application and submit it through the portal.

Checking Leave Application Status:

  • Status Tracking: Access the ‘Leave Status’ or ‘Track Leave Application’ section.
  • Viewing Status: Check the approval status of submitted leave applications.

Online Leave Access through eHRMS UPSDC

Accessing Leave Records:

  • Leave Balances: View available leave balances, including accrued leaves.
  • Leave History: Check past leave applications and approvals.

Leave Calendar:

  • Visual Representation: Displays scheduled leaves for better planning.
  • Upcoming Leave Notifications: Alerts for upcoming approved leaves.

Exploring eHRMS UPSDC P2 Features

Understanding P2 Functionality:

  • P2 Section: Navigate to the ‘P2’ or ‘Employee Services’ section on the dashboard.
  • Features: Explore various employee-related services available under P2.

Features under P2:

  • Employee Information Update: Modify personal details or contact information.
  • Salary Slip Access: View and download monthly salary slips.
  • Training and Development: Access training modules or learning resources.


Benefits of the Platform:

  • Convenience: Perform HR-related tasks online without manual paperwork.
  • Efficiency: Quick and streamlined processes for leave applications and accessing services.
  • Information Access: Obtain leave records, salary slips, and essential employee information.

Troubleshooting and Support:

  • Helpdesk Information: Contact details for assistance with portal-related issues.
  • Guidance Resources: FAQs or user guides for common queries or problems.

Conclusion: Leveraging eHRMS UPSDC for Employee Management

eHRMS UPSDC offers a centralized platform for employees to manage various HR-related tasks conveniently. From leave applications to accessing salary slips and employee services, the portal enhances efficiency and accessibility for UPSDC employees.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities contribute significantly to streamlining HR processes and empowering employees to handle their HR-related tasks effectively.


  1. What is eHRMS UPSDC, and How Does it Benefit Employees?

eHRMS UPSDC stands for Electronic Human Resource Management System for the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Corporation. It’s a platform designed to streamline HR processes, allowing employees to manage leave applications, access essential services, and update personal information conveniently.

  1. How Can I Access eHRMS UPSDC?

Access the platform via using provided employee credentials. Upon login, employees can navigate through the dashboard to access various HR-related functionalities.

  1. How Can I Apply for Leave Using eHRMS UPSDC?
  • Go to the ‘Leave Application’ or ‘Apply for Leave’ section.
  • Choose the type of leave and enter leave dates, reason, and necessary details.
  • Review the application and submit it through the portal.
  1. Can I Check the Status of My Leave Application Online?

Yes, employees can track their leave application status by accessing the ‘Leave Status’ or ‘Track Leave Application’ section. This allows them to view the approval status of their submitted leave applications.

  1. What Services Can I Access Through eHRMS UPSDC’s P2 Features?
  • Update personal information like contact details.
  • View and download monthly salary slips.
  • Access training modules or learning resources.


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